A fourth suspect behind the E-Creator “click a button” Ponzi scheme has been arrested.

After E-Creator collapsed, Abraham Mutambu fled to his rural home in Chihota, a region in Zimbabwe’s east.

Zimbabwe authorities made the arrest last week, presenting Mutambu in court on Saturday.

E-Creator was a “click a button” Ponzi scheme run by Chinese national Jiaotong Zhao.

To help run and promote E-Creator, Zhao enlisted the help of Mutambu and three other Zimbabwean accomplices.

Together, the group of scammers defrauded Zimbabwean consumers out of around $1 million USD.

After its February 2023 launch, E-Creator collapsed on July 5th.

Zimbabwean authorities scrambled to investigate and, to their credit, nabbed Zhao and accomplices Justin Kuchekenya and Trymore Tapfumaneyi.

The three suspects were caught trying to flee Zimbabwe less than a fortnight after E-Creator’s collapse.

A fifth suspect, Billy Thomas Syedou, remains at large.

Unfortunately for investors, Zhao and his Chinese accomplices have have already transferred E-Creator funds out of Zimbabwe.

Zhao, Kuchekenya, Trymore and Mutambu have all been remanded to custody. It’s expected the case will progress pending Syedou’s arrest.

To date BehindMLM has documented sixty-nine “click a button” app Ponzis.

The Chinese scammers behind the scams continue to target specific geographical regions. Typically poorer countries where phones are primarily used to access the internet.