CashFX Group’s official YouTube channel is returning a “not available” error.

We’re not sure when exactly the channel went down, but it’s believed to have disappeared over the last 24 hours.

Also unclear is whether CashFX Group deleted the channel or if YouTube did it.

CashFX Group deleting the channel makes no sense, seeing as the scheme’s other social media profiles are still up. YouTube deleting the channel raises the obvious question: Why?

It’s possible the removal is temporary, however at this stage CashFX Group is yet to issue an official statement.


Update 7th December 2021 – Attempts to visit videos previously hosted on CashFX Group’s YouTube channel return the following error:

This is confirmation that YouTube itself has terminated CashFX Group’s channel. No reason for the termination is provided.


Update 28th December 2021 – YouTube has reinstated CashFX Group’s channel.

Why the channel was terminated in the first place remains unclear.