There is no information on the Cash Unite website indicating who is running or owns the business.

The company’s website domain (“”) was registered on the 27th of January 2012, however the domain registration appears to be that of Cash Unite’s hosting provider rather than the company itself.

Cash Unite’s Privacy Policy isn’t much either, simply stating that

This site (the “Site”) is owned by CashUnite, a United Kingdom limited liability company.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Cash Unite Product Line

As I understand it, Cash Unite offer some sort of multi-platform social network manager to their affiliates.

With CashUnite, your friends, family, colleagues and contacts are all available at your fingertips!

CashUnite is the World’s first, Multi-Social Network platform, enhancing a users ability to simultaneously connect and interact across their Social Networks, through one hub.

MultiSocialSuite unifies all the major Social Networking sites in the world into one location.

Live activity streams ensures you never miss any action – keep tabs on the latest gossip on your facebook account with live streaming and interaction.

A blogging platform also appears to be on the cards,

A viral based blog system embedded into your profile allows you to create a stir with any topic of discussion that you want.

Stay in control of what you have to say and watch your content spread like wildfire, with our unique integration with all the major Social Network’s in the world.

Access to the social hub and blog system are included with Cash Unite affiliate membership, advertised as starting at $9.99 a month.

The Cash Unite Compensation Plan

Hard details of the Cash Unite compensation plan are currently not available on the company’s website.

What is communicated through a marketing video however is that affiliates will earn based on how many people are in their downline, sorted via what appears to be a unilevel compensation structure.

Affiliates appear to be compensated out of paid membership fees, with a “potential earnings calculator” calculating a projected monthly income based on how many people an affiliate recruits into Cash Unite.

Advertising is also mentioned on the Cash Unite website, indicating that this will also be a revenue generator for the company. How Cash Unite will pay affiliates out of this revenue stream however is not disclosed.

Joining Cash Unite

Affiliate membership to Cash Unite starts at $9.95 a month for what they call the “Bronze Package”.

Additional affiliate membership levels are supposedly available but at the time of publication further information was not available on the Cash Unite website.


Potential red flags with any monthly subscription based MLM opportunity lie in how the company pays out commissions to its affiliates.

Cash Unite raise two red flags in this regard, with the first being the inclusion of affiliate membership fees to pay out commissions. What this effectively does is turn Cash Unite into a recruitment driven pyramid scheme.

You sign up, pay your monthly membership fees and are paid commission based on how many affiliates are in your downline paying their monthly membership fees.

Additional revenue-streams may be available to the company but in light of the above, become irrelevant.

The second red flag is the mechanic by which how much an affiliate is paid each month is dictated by how much money they put into the system.

The following marketing copy taken from Cash Unite affiliate’s provided income projections for affiliates suggests this is precisely what Cash Unite plan to offer affiliates:

This refers to the amount you’ve accumulated so far in potential earnings from the entirety of your network. This is based on the Bronze level package at $9.99.

Your earnings would increase significantly with other packages we have available for launch. This also does not include the 100% commissions we pay you.

This is just one revenue stream of MANY with CashUnite.

Granted we’re talking “potential earnings” but if how much an affiliate pays each month in membership fees determines how much they earn, a big question mark then falls on the motive behind the payment of membership fees – regardless of what services or products are attached to them.

The mention of 100% commissions is also interesting to note, as the phrase has recently been used by several MLM opportunities with compensation plans closely resembling that of cash gifting schemes (usually attached to the freely available WordPress blogging platform).

The following inclusion in Cash Unite’s privacy policy is also something to be aware of:

We use Personal Information to contact you about our Site, Social Media Tools, and other related products and services in which we think you may be interested.

At the time of publication Cash Unite are claiming to be in prelaunch, with no advertised official launch date mentioned on their website.

Cash Unite advise

We haven’t launched the site yet…BUT

You can begin building your social networks now by inviting as many friends as possible to CashUnite.