The BuddyX Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As at time of publication, BuddyX’s website domain has been disabled:

Another associated domain, “”, now redirects to “”.

A notice published on BuddyEx’s website advises that BuddyX’s BDYX token has been dumped on Vindax Exchange.

Not surprisingly, Vindax Exchange appears to cater to scammers. To that end Vindax Exchange purposefully tries to avoid detection by US and Canadian authorities:

As laid out in BehindMLM’s December 2023 BuddyX review, dumping BDYX on a dodgy exchange brings the pump and dump Ponzi scheme to an end.

BuddyX, BuddyEx and associated companies (e.g. BuddyCorp), are run by Mahesh Sharma.

Sharma, an Indian national hiding out in Dubai, is a serial MLM crypto Ponzi fraudster.

Sharma defrauded consumers with the help of UK national David White, BuddyX’s Head of Business for UK and Europe.

There is no mention of Sharma or White on BuddyEx’s website.

There’s also no mention of Intellexa, which appears to be the next iteration of the scam.

On May 22nd BuddyEx uploaded an Intellexa promo video to YouTube:

Whatever “WealthEOX” is supposed to be, it doesn’t appear to have been set up yet.

Intellexa is otherwise your typical AI trading botPonzi grift.

Intellexa investors, aka victims of BuddyX and Sharma’s other MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, pay a 140 USDT annual fee.

This qualifies investors to dump up a minimum 500 USDT into Intellexa, through which passive returns are pitched.

Naturally Intellexa’s AI trading bot doesn’t exist. The backend is the same as any other Ponzi scheme: Sharma and friends steal invested funds till recruitment dries up.

For now there doesn’t appear to be a separate Intellexa website set up; all marketing points to BuddyEx’s website.

As of May 2024 SimilarWeb tracked just ~4100 monthly visits to BuddyEx’s website. The majority of that traffic originated from the US (23%), Vietnam (21%), India (15%), Australia (13%) and Thailand (11%).

Unless new suckers are found soon, it seems BuddyEx’s Intellexa Ponzi reboot is DOA.