braga-cash-logo“Braga” is an ancient city in northern Portugal.

What Braga has to do with Ponzi investment schemes however, I have no idea.

Read on for a full review of the Braga Cash MLM opportunity.

The Company

The Braga Cash website reveals no information about who owns or is running the company.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 7th October 2011 however the registration information is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Braga Cash Product Line

Braga Cash have no products or services offered to purchase. Instead, for each $10 investment Braga Cash members make into the scheme, the company bundles in advertising credits.

These advertising credits are to be used on an in-house advertising network that features on the Braga Cash website.

The only way to obtain advertising credits through Braga Cash is to make an $10 investment with the company.

The Braga Cash Compensation Plan

For each $10 investment made into the Braga Cash investment scheme, the company guarantees members a 150% ROI ($15) after 50 days.

In addition to the investment scheme commissions, Braga Cash also offer a 3% referral commission paid down five levels. This 5% is paid out on the money people you have recruited (and their recruits, down an additional four levels) invest into the scheme.

Joining Braga Cash

Membership to Braga Cash is free, however members must invest in the scheme if they wish to earn a commission.

It is possible to earn referral commissions as a free member (recruit others and then get them to invest), however typically free members cannot withdraw their commissions unless they first use their commissions to make an investment themselves.

Braga Cash don’t explicitly explain whether this is the case or not, but one would assume so as I’ve yet to review an investment scheme that lets free members cash out without an investment.


With no other revenue generated other than that of member’s investments, Braga Cash boils down into a simple Ponzi scheme.

As long as people continue to invest real money into the scheme, the admin will be able to pay out 150% returns.

When the investments stop though, so do the returns and that’s when the Braga Cash Ponzi scheme will crash.

With a 50 day return maturity period, that’s probably going to happen sooner rather than later.