The BitSports AI Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In an announcement sent out a few hours ago, investors were informed withdrawals have been disabled.

For their exit-scam, BitSports AI went with the “we’ve been hacked!” ruse.

As per their announcement;

We regret to inform you that our company has fallen victim to a cyber attack.

For security reasons, we have decided to temporarily suspend payments until we can ensure the integrity of our systems.

We strongly recommend that you cancel any pending withdrawal requests.

MLM Ponzi schemes routinely trot out any number of ruses to cover their collapse. They do this to string investors along while the admins make off with their money.

BitSports AI’s Ponzi ruse was AI bot trading. The Ponzi scheme was headed up by Colombian national Hugo Rodriguez Salgado.

Total BitSports AI victim numbers and their accumulated losses remain unknown.

What we do know, courtesy of SimilarWeb as of September 2023, is the majority of BitSports AI investors are from the US (32%), Poland (20%) and France (7%).

Despite BitSports AI’s website traffic increasing from ~227,000 to ~443,000 between August and September, traffic from the US, Poland and France all declined.

It appears newly gullible investors in Australia and elsewhere contributed to the overall increase in website traffic. Said investors likely make up the bulk of BitSports AI losses.