As per an assumed non-public agreement, Beautycounter distributors are being funneled into Arbonne.

The move from Beautycounter corporate puts a question mark over the company rebooting its own MLM opportunity.

As per an email sent out to Beautycounter “leaders” from corporate earlier this month;

We know that there was a lot of information shared yesterday. Information that was difficult, and that many of you are still processing. We thank you for your time and support as we navigate these uncharted territories.

As shared on the call, we have been in contact with the CEO of Arbonne so you can learn about an opportunity with them for you and your teams to explore, as a place to softly land during this time.

As a B-corp with a highly regarded, long-standing reputation in the industry, we would like to invite you to learn more about their company and how they will be welcoming our leaders to their community should you choose.

An “information session” for Beautycounter Managing Directors and Executive Directors was held on May 8th.

Although not disclosed, it’s assumed a financial agreement exists between Beautycounter and Arbonne.

BehindMLM reviewed Arbonne a decade ago in 2014. We found the compensation plan interesting but were concerned about Arbonne’s erroneous retail focus.

In 2020 we also noted Arbonne was victim of a data breach. This resulted in unauthorized access to over three thousand distributors’ personal details.

Beautycounter terminated its distributors last month following sale of the company to an initially undisclosed third-party.

Shortly after the announcement, it was revealed Beautycounter’s new owner was none other than former CEO Gregg Renfrew (right).

Since then, Beautycounter has displayed this message on its website;

Something new is on the way. We are currently ​working ​to build a new company but don’t worry, we’ll be back later this year with the safer, high-performing products you know and love, as well as some other surprises.

The implication was that Renfrew was going to reboot Beautycounter in some form, giving former distributors another chance.

Beautycounter funnelling its leaders into Arbonne is in contrast to that assumption.

Pending further updates on the status of Beautycounter as an MLM company, we’ll keep you posted.