Following a failed bid to get a restraining order, Avacen has dropped its lawsuit against NuLife Ventures.

Avacen filed suit against NuLife back in July. In the suit Avacen alleged NuLife was selling its products in violation of their reseller agreement.

Arguing that NuLife continuing to sell its products would cause “irreparable damage” to its business, Avacen failed to secure a restraining order earlier this month.

On September 16th Avacen filed a notice of voluntary dismissal.

As of today’s date, NuLife has not answered the Complaint.

Avacen requests that the Court dismiss this action without prejudice.

Since NuLife has not answered the Complaint, Avacen respectfully requests that the court deem this matter dismissed upon the filing of this notice.

As above, Avacen’s notice brings the lawsuit to an end.

A reason for the withdrawal was not provided. It seems likely though that Avacen and NuLife reached some sort of agreement.

One of the points of contention in Avacen’s lawsuit was NuLife claiming to be an official Avacen Global Partner.

NuLife still makes the claim on their website. And it still markets Avacen’s products.


Update 4th March 2021 – Thomas Muehlbauer from Avacen has informed us that after dropping their lawsuit, Avacen pursued their case against NuLife via arbitration.

After we filed for arbitration NuLife filed numerous legal actions in which AVACEN prevailed in 100% of them.

As I understand it arbitration proceedings between the two parties is still playing out.