ad-mins-logoAt the heart of any succesful advertising network are two concepts.

The first is that those seeing the ads are not in any way connected to the website the ads are being displayed on, and the second that they are compelled to click on advertisements because they genuinely want to find out more.

Enter financial motivations, commissions and other rewards for viewing and clicking on ads, and you pretty much throw the legitimacy of the network out the window.

Read on for a full review of the Ad Mins MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no mention of who owns or runs the Ad Mins opportunity on the company website.

The Domain ‘’ was registered on the 1st of May 2010 however the registration information is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Ad Mins Product Line

Ad Mins don’t have any products available for purchase at a retail level. Instead, members purchasing advertising from the company that is then either displayed on an advertising network displayed on the company website, or sent via email to members.

There is no way to purchase advertising from Ad Mins without becoming a member and participating in the compensation plan.

The Ad Mins Compensation Plan

The Ad Mins compensation plan can essentially be broken down into two components, free membership commissions and paid membership commissions.

Free Membership Commissions

Ad Mins have three levels of free membership, Iron, Bronze and Silver.

All free members start off as Iron and at this level are only able to earn points when they click on advertisements through the Ad Mins program (1-10), or by recruiting new members (2000).

For Iron and Bronze members, these points can only be used to purchase advertising on the Ad Mins network – however for Silver members they are able to participate in a Free member investment scheme.

For each 2000 points invested into Ad Mins, the company promises to pay a $3 return. This is the final amount and with 150% being the return promised for paid members, one would assume the free return is the same percentage.

Thus we’re looking at 2000 points equating to an initial investment of $2 into the scheme (150% of $2 is $3).

Ad Mins do not specify the timeframe in which this return is generated, nor do they pay out until a minimum balance of $5 is reached, meaning free Silver members must invest 4000 points and wait for the return to be appreciated before they can cash anything out.

Silver members are also limited to a maximum of five open investments appreciating a return at any given time.

Paid Membership Commissions

Ad Mins has two levels of paid membership, Gold ($30 or 30,000 points) and Diamond ($50).

These two membership levels are eligible to participate in the paid investment scheme which pays much higher than Ad Mins’ free equivalent.

Again Ad Mins don’t specify the time in which the return will be generated, but they guarantee Gold and Diamond members a 150% return on money invested into the scheme.

Each investment is made in a $10 block with no limit on the amount of investments awaiting appreciation a member can have. Additional advertising is bundled in with each investment but it is not possible to purchase advertising without participating in the investment scheme.

Paid members also generate points just like their free member counter-parts (detailed above) and are able to participate in the free member investment scheme via the trading of their points. Note that paid Ad Mins members are subject to the same payout and investment number cap (5).

Downline Commissions

In addition to the two investment schemes above, Ad Mins also pay referral commissions on people you recruit into the company.

Iron Bronze and Silver members receive

  • 2000 points for each new member recruited
  • 15 cents per new member recruited
  • a 10% commission on all Gold and Diamond paid membership upgrades
  • 5% point commission on all recruits’ ad clicks

Gold and Diamond members receive

  • 2500 (Gold) or 3000 (Diamond) points per new members recruited
  • 30 cents (Gold) or 50 cents (Diamond) per new member recruited
  • 15% (Gold) or 20% (Diamond) commission on all Gold and Diamond paid membership upgrades
  • a 15% (Gold) or 10% (Diamond) point commission on all recruit’s clicked ads

Joining Ad Mins

Membership to Ad Mins is free however members can’t earn cash until they are at least Silver level and able to participate in the free member investment scheme.

With Silver membership being free I’m not entirely sure what the upgrade requirement is to achieve Silver membership. I do note that Ad Mins state Diamond membership is only available to those members who have recruited at least 3 new members into the company.

There are three levels of membership between Iron and Diamond so I’m thinking that for each new member you recruit into Ad Mins, members get a membership upgrade. At Gold level they also need to trade in 30,000 or pay $30 and for Diamond membership $50 must be paid.

Note that upgrade requirements are not explicitly mentioned on the Ad Mins website so this is my best understanding of how membership progression works within the program.


I won’t comment on the recruitment requirements of the Ad Mins compensation plan because I’m not 100% sure on what they are.

Looking at the investment side of things though, it’s clear that Ad Mins are simply paying out investment commissions straight from the new money new and existing members are injecting into the system.

This is the reason there’s no timeline for investments to reach maturity.

The more money invested means the faster everybody’s open investments reach 150% maturity.

Unfortunately the entire Ad Mins system relies on the continuous injection of new money to pay everyone out and as such is merely a Ponzi scheme attached to a pretty much useless advertising network.

At the end of the day there’s little value to be gained by paying members to click ads. They have little to no interest in the ads and are solely viewing them because you’re paying them (peanuts) to do so.

Additionally upon signing up members agree to subject themselves to up to ten email advertisements per day, in additional “company pre-launch offers” sent by Ad Mins themselves (indicating the company is somewhat of an email harvester for the admin).

As with all Ponzi schemes, once the new investment dry up so will the Ad Mins payouts.