There is no information on the 6 Daily Pay website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 12th March 2012 however and lists a ‘Linda Fred’ as the registrant operating out of Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

I tried googling the address provided in the whois information but didn’t have much luck, it either seems to be incorrectly formatted or doesn’t exist.

Read on for a full review of the 6 Daily Pay business opportunity.

The 6 Daily Pay Product Line

6 Daily Pay have no retailable products or services. Instead members must recruit new members to join and invest money with the company.

Investments are made in $10 or $20 lots with 6 Daily Pay bundling advertising credits with each investment. These advertising credits are then able to be used on an in-house advertising network that features on the 6 Daily Pay website.

It is not possible to purchase advertising credits from the company or its members without joining and making an investment.

The 6 Daily Pay Compensation Plan

6 Daily Pay offer two investment plans to members:

  • a 6% daily ROI over 25 days (min investment = $10, max = $10,000)
  • a 12% daily ROI over 12 days (min investment = $20, max = $5,000)

30% of all investment returns must be re-invested back into the company.

Additionally the company also offers referral commissions on all investments made by members, paid down two levels.

Members you personally recruit (level 1) who invest will earn a 8% commission on the investment amount. Any investments made by members recruited by your level 1 (your level 2) attract a 4% investment commission.

Joining 6 Daily Pay

Membership to 6 Daily Pay is free however members must invest if they wish to earn anything.

Free members can earn off the investments of members they recruit into the scheme, however they need to invest themselves if they wish to cash any money out.


6 Daily Pay market themselves as being ‘an online advertising program‘ that ‘seek(s) to provide its members a good platform to advertise their businesses / programs‘.

Despite this claim however you can’t actually purchase any advertising from the company itself or its members. Instead advertising is bundled with each investment made by members meaning 6 Daily Pay is an investment opportunity rather than an “advertising program” as claimed.

With no external revenue source available other than member investments, the ROIs guaranteed to members equate to nothing more than the shuffling off new investments to pay off returns on existing investments, meaning 6 Daily Pay is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

This is confirmed in the company’s refund policy, which states:

Please understand that you are purchasing our product Advertising Credits/Ad Units and this is made available to you instantly by our system.

As such, we do not offer any refund.

If 6 Daily Pay were indeed selling advertising credits, members who don’t use any credits would logically be entitled to a refund. With 6 Daily Pay using any newly invested money to immediately pay off returns owed on existing returns, this of course is not possible.

Ironically in the 6 Daily Pay FAQ the company states it only offers payment through Solid Trust Pay and Liberty Reserve. The company states it isn’t working with Alertpay due to ‘strict conditions‘.

We dont want a situation where members will lose their money because of Alertpay policy and that will send us out of business.

Running a Ponzi scheme, they’d much rather members lose money when they decide to run off with their investments than pesky ‘strict conditions’.