It’s getting rather difficult to keep up with the continuous changes Phillip Ming Xu keeps making to his global Ponzi empire. After regulators around the world began to target Xu and his WCM777 Ponzi scheme late last year, he changed its name to Kingdom777 and hid behind the skirt of newly appointed CEO, James Tenorio.

What became of Tenorio remains unclear. He published one update on the Kingdom777 website in January, after which rumors claiming he’d abandoned the post began to surface. I was never able to confirm this information, however it seems Tenorio has since gone into hiding as there has been no communication from him since.

That left Ming Xu back in charge, and with Kingdom777 barely over a month old, it appears he’s gone and changed the name of his scheme yet again.

Suspicions were raised when Kingdom777 and its associated sites went offline roughly twenty-four hours ago. Dutra’s The Paper observed that

As of early this morning the websites for Kingdom777 are down.  This includes, and Social media is stating the outage will be for 48 hours and they are making upgrades and changes to the site.

It is unknown how plays into this yet, however the domain is listed as repossessed by, the preferred domain seller of Kingdom777 owner Xu Ming.

Further initial investigations into this outage show that many of the sites are moving services to new providers and net blocks. has relocated onto Google Cloud Services, has moved to a net block assigned to seizuretimegaming, has moved to Yahoo hosting, remains at liquidweb, where many of the sites related to this scam have been since the start of the scheme.

A few hours ago emails began to trickle in with information on one of Kingdom777’s top Ponzi pimps trying to covertly shift over his downline to a “new” scheme, named “Global Unity”.

Renato Rodriguez, one of the top leaders in wcm777 might be switching all of people to “his” new company. He said “no information must be shared”.

The Global Unity website domain, “” was only registered just yesterday on February 24th, with much of the site still in development:


It does look a little similar to Kingdom777 but on the surface there’s no direct link. The Global Unity “products” website page currently displays some babble about being poor (which is obviously copy and pasted from somewhere), and the “company profile” is your standard “ignore everything negative” scam talk:

If you are feeling that life just cannot be any worse for you, it can be challenging to think positive thoughts.

When we are stressed,depressed, upset, or otherwise in a negative state of mind because we perceive that “bad things” keep happening to us, it is important to shift those negative thoughts to something positive. If we don’t, we will only attract more “bad things.”

It is often very hard to think positive when so many things are negative, but I can assure you that someone, somewhere is worse off than you. We can choose to think differently by beginning with the smallest of steps……

Not much to go on there either. At this point I was going to wait for further developments but after bit more digging about, I managed to confirm Global Unity is just another reincarnation of Xu’s Ponzi empire.

Directly linking Global Unity to Xu’s WCM777 and Kingdom777 is the website’s members page:


While the public face of Global Unity for now only bears a passing resemblance to WCM777 and Kingdom777’s website design, the member’s area is an exact clone running the same backend script:



Exactly why Ming Xu is changing the name of the Ponzi scheme yet again is currently not clear. Only last month he was promising a new affiliate “code of ethics”, and claimed he was going to “register Kingdom777’s stock with the SEC”. Xu also went so far as to “educate” affiliates on how to refer to and market the Kingdom777 Ponzi scheme without using investment terminology.

I can only guess things didn’t work out with the Kingdom777 name-change and short-lived appointment of James Tenorio, at least not in the way Xu would have liked. Another email from a BehindMLM reader offers some additional (unconfirmed) insight:

Supposedly, team leaders in California just had a conference call to the Spanish speaking affiliates. They told affiliates that they are doing business under a new name, Global-Unity.

They are also saying that they are now legal in the US and supposedly unblock all accounts.

Legal in the US they say? I’d imagine the state of California will see what is just a simple name-change of a Ponzi scheme they’ve already banned rather differently.

Pending further information being made available over the next few days, stay tuned for the next chapter of the WCM777 saga…


Footnote: My thanks to the BehindMLM readers who sent in various email tips for this article.