Paparazzi and Plaintiffs Lori Teske and Terri Franklin have come to a settlement.

Following arbitrage proceedings ordered earlier this year, a joint stipulation was filed on October 10th.

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, Plaintiffs Lori Teske and Terri Franklin and Paparazzi, LLC, Misty Kirby, Trent Kirby, Chantel Reeve, and Ryan Reeve that any and all claims in the above-captioned actions against Defendants are hereby dismissed with prejudice.

All parties shall bear their own costs and attorneys’ fees.

Details of the settlement are confidential.

Teske and Franklin filed a Utah class-action against Paparazzi in June 2022.

As alleged by Teske and Franklin;

Unknown to Paparazzi’s Consultants, Paparazzi’s jewelry contains astonishingly high levels of lead, nickel, cadmium, and/or other toxic metals.

Not only does the Paparazzi jewelry fail to live up to the quality and safety representations Paparazzi has made about its products, it poses health and safety risks to Consultants and their customers.

Paparazzi has reaped massive profits from these sales, while Consultants are saddled with worthless, potentially dangerous goods.

It’s assumed money changed hands as part of the settlement but we can’t confirm.

Paparazzi settled another “lead & nickel free” class-action filed in California back in April. There are three other known related class-actions still in play.

Despite there being very obvious toxic metal contamination problems with Paparazzi’s products, US regulators have thus far failed to take any public action.