Last September mediation proceedings were ordered in the proposed LuLaRoe class-action in California.

Since then, one by one, LuLaRoe has been reaching confidential settlements with the Plaintiffs.

As of May 2021 there were still three Plaintiffs standing. On July 1st three joint stipulations were filed, requesting dismissal of their respective cases and claims.

Following the stipulation filings, on July 8th the court filed an order

granting stipulation for dismissal with prejudice by Plaintiffs Laura Rocke, Stephanie McGurn and Peggy Johnson.

Each party shall bear its, his, or her own costs and attorneys’ fees in this action.

By my count that’s every Plaintiff settled with, meaning the California LuLaRoe class-action, first filed in 2017, is now dead in the water.

LuLaRoe was tipped to avoid a class-action, following a major “divide and conquer” win back in March 2019.

I believe this brings the first Californian class-action docket to an end, but I’ll continue to monitor for a fortnight in case there’s any updates.

Separately LuLaRoe was hit with a second class-action in March, also filed in California.

LuLaRoe is attempting to compel arbitration as they did with the first class-action. To that end a Motion to Compel Arbitration was filed filed on June 17th.

The Plaintiffs filed in opposition of the motion on June 25th.

The court has scheduled a hearing on the motion for August 6th. Stay tuned…


Update 26th June 2022 – Arbitration was ordered between the parties.

LuLaRoe prevailed in getting the case dismissed on the basis of a statute of limitation clause in LuLaRoe distributor agreements.

Plaintiff Ponkey has appealed the Final Arbitration Award, with a decision on the appeal pending.