The Peace Ranch “click a button” Ponzi has collapsed.

The collapse coincides with Peace Ranch’s website being pulled a few hours ago.

Peace Ranch was a “click a button” Ponzi that solicited investment on the premise of buying cows.

Peace Ranch investors were required to “click a button” daily to “milk their cows”. This action activated daily returns.

If that sounds incredibly stupid to you in hindsight, it’s because it was.

Peace Ranch was part of a series of “click a button” Ponzi schemes, the first of which surfaced in late 2021.

Throughout 2022 “click a button” Ponzi scammers have been targeting various countries, most of which are in the third-world. This ties in to cell phones being the dominant form of internet access.

Peace Ranch targeted South Africa. In October 2022, SimilarWeb tracked 91% of Peace Ranch website traffic from South Africa (~700,000 visits).

“Click a button” Ponzi schemes are run by Chinese scammers. Peace Ranch in particular revealed possible ties to the Chinese government.

Thus far no regulatory body has been able to stop “click a button” Ponzis or make any recovery. The scammers are particular about not targeting China itself, so the Chinese government is unlikely to do anything.

As a result, total Peace Ranch victim numbers and their losses remain unknown.

If I had to estimate, “click a button” Ponzi losses likely run well over a billion at this point.