A Joint Stipulation has seen the Trump children dismissed from the ACN fraud class-action.

Former defendants Donald J. Trump, Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump were dismissed with prejudice on May 19th.

As per the stipulation, discovery responses and the Trump children’s depositions may still be used in the case.

No reason for the stipulated dismissal is provided in either the stipulation filing or the court order.

Remaining defendants in the case are Donald Trump and The Trump Corporation.

Looking at the ACN class-action case docket, on May 26th Trump filed for summary judgment against the Plaintiffs.

In the filing, Trump argues the case against him should be dismissed

because Plaintiffs cannot raise a genuine issue of material facts as to any of their claims for relief.

A briefing deadline for the motion has been scheduled for June 27th, sometime after which the court will schedule a hearing.

The ACN fraud class-action was filed back in 2018. As summarized in the Complaint;

This case is about four working-class Americans, and thousands more just like them, who were deliberately defrauded by Donald J. Trump, his family, and the corporation that bears his name.

The Trumps conned each of these victims into giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars–losses that many experienced as devastating and life-altering.

Surely the Trumps dismissed these amounts (and the lived they wrecked) as trivial.

But by defrauding so many for so long, the Trumps made millions.

Allegations raised pertain to the Trumps endorsing ACN, through which consumers are alleged to have lost “millions”.


Update 17th January 2024 – The ACN Trump RICO class-action was dismissed in its entirety on January 11th, 2024.