Last month ACN announced it would be disabling perks, aka “loyalty rewards”.

The announcement, presented in the ACN backoffice, details the discontinuation of perks starting November 10th.

ACN’s perks were made available to members and provided discounts at various third-party companies.

Specific categories within ACN’s perks were “play”, “shop” and “dine”.

One particularly disturbing aspect of ACN discontinuing perks is they were advertised as having “no expiration… ever”

Another disturbing aspect of the announcement ties into Team National, which ACN acquired in January 2022.

Team National’s MLM offering primarily revolved around discount memberships, and that carried over when ACN bought the company.

One BehindMLM reader, originally a Team National member who continued on with ACN, described ACN disabling perks as their Team National membership transitioning to “nothing”.

My husband bought “us” a Team National membership (I wanted nothing to do with it) for $2200. It was a “Lifetime Family Membership”. There is now no value in it that I can find.

This has affected thousands of people and isn’t right!

Spending $2200 for a “lifetime membership” only to have it pulled does indeed seem incredibly suss.

Not sure if there’ll be an FTC case to answer for but it does seem Team National members were pitched on “lifetime membership”, and ACN itself claimed perks have “no expiration… ever”.

As BehindMLM understands it ACN hasn’t offered members any financial compensation.