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Zeek Receiver wins VictoriaBank appeal, $13.1 mill clawback resumes

The Zeek Rewards Receiver is one step closer to recovered $13.1 million in stolen investor funds, following the reversal of a District Court decision.

Another $1.8 mill collected from Zeek Rewards net-winners

The Zeek Rewards Receiver files his quarter four report for 2017 on February 15th. The Zeek Receivership has mostly wound down, however a few outstanding clawback related tasks remain.

Zeek Rewards net-winner clawbacks to be sold to debt collectors

Despite launching some six years ago, net-winners who illegally profited in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme are still being pursued for the money they stole. With determinations of who owes what finalized and a court ruling certifying the amounts legally binding, on December 20th the Receiver shared how the Receivership intends to enforce recovery.

$43.7 million recovered through Zeek Rewards clawbacks

On November 15th the Zeek Rewards Receiver filed his Status Report for the third quarter of 2017. In it the Receiver revealed that to date, $43.7 million has been recovered through clawbacks from Zeek Rewards affiliates, vendors and insiders. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the updates featured in the report:

Sandra Gavel cops $123,728 Summary Judgment (Zeek Canada)

Canadian Zeek Rewards scammer Sandra Gavel’s response to clawback litigation filed against her was somewhat confusing. Upon being served papers on behalf of the Zeek Receiver, Gavel penned a letter to the court to inform it she didn’t consent to US jurisdiction. This didn’t mean anything legally, and so the Receiver filed a motion requesting legal [Continue reading…]

$33.8 million recovered from Zeek Ponzi net-winners to date (45.4%)

The granting of Final Judgment against outstanding Zeek Rewards net-winners last month seems to have hastened settlement agreements. Last we checked in a few hundred net-winners had settled as of May, 2017. As per a Motion to Approve Settlement Agreements filed on August 25th, that number has since ballooned out to 1,792.

Howard Kaplan denied Receiver deposition, trial date set (Zeek Rewards)

One of the last insider holdouts of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme is Howard Kaplan. Whereas pretty much everyone else who profited from the operation of Zeek Rewards has settled and been stripped of the fraudulently obtained funds they were paid, Kaplan is challenging the Receiver and heading to trial.

Final Judgment granted against US Zeek Rewards net-winners

Back in June the Zeek Rewards Receiver filed for Final Judgment against outstanding US net-winners. That is Zeek Rewards affiliates who, even five years after the Ponzi scheme was shut down, refuse to pay back the victims they stole from. On August 14th Final Judgment was granted, rendering the remaining net-winner class liable for the [Continue reading…]

VictoriaBank’s Zeek Rewards Ponzi funds to remain frozen

A decision to grant VictoriaBank a Motion to Dismiss back in May potentially placed $13.1 million dollars of stolen Zeek Rewards investor funds on the line. While the court granted VictoriaBank a dismissal, it maintained a freeze order pending conclusion of the Receiver’s anticipated appeal. The Receiver did indeed file an appeal, which will and [Continue reading…]

Final Judgment sought against 8047 US Zeek Rewards net-winners

For US based Zeek Rewards net-winners who have thus far failed to pay back money they stole, it appears their time is up. Following the granting of Summary Judgment against the same net-winners last November, on June 27th the Zeek Rewards Receiver has now filed for Final Judgement.