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Skyway Capital & Five Winds investment fraud warnings from Slovakia

The National Bank of Slovakiahas issued investment fraud warnings against Skyway Capital and Five Winds.

Eyeline Trading collapses, to reboot as WealthBoss in March

Following non-payment to its affiliates, Eyeline Trading has announced it will be rebooting as WealthBoss next month.

Recycle Bot offers up cloud mining ROI ruse

In our last article covering Recycle Bot withdrawal problems, I wrote that owner Laurie Suarez can attach his Telegram Ponzi bot to any ruse. All he needs is new investment to feed the bot. Following the collapse of the recycling and Ugandan energy ruses, Recycle Bot is now touting cloud mining returns.

AM Redbull F1 accepts FutureNet Ponzi sponsorship, ignores concerns

The latest attempt by an MLM scam to legitimize itself via association, will see FutureNet sponsor an F1 team for two years. Aston Martin Red Bull don’t seem to mind that sponsorship funds they’ll be receiving are proceeds of a global Ponzi scheme.

Man in WorldVentures apparel wanted for debit card fraud & theft

Police in Jackson, Tennessee are seeking help in apprehending a debit card fraud and theft suspect. CCTV footage shows the suspect wearing beige cargo shorts and a black hoodie, emblazoned with WorldVentures’ logo.

OneCoin wastes almost 2 yrs chasing Coinspondent, achieves nothing.

The “bitcoin vs. OneCoin” lawsuit that has been playing out in Germany has come to an end. The final judgement wasn’t an outright win for the defendants, but equally not an outcome OneCoin was hoping for.

Todd Spencer dragging feet on Zhunrize settlement

Of the scammers behind the Zhunrize Ponzi scheme, only Todd Spencer remains as an active defendant. Spencer was sued by the Zhunrize Receiver, as part of a $2.8 million clawback lawsuit filed against Vodaware. Through Vodaware, Spencer is believed to have received upwards of $350,000 in stolen Zhunrize investor funds. In a Status Report filed [Continue reading…]

Nasgo & ShareNode being marketed as Super Bowl sponsors?

Fresh from making a bunch of malarkey marketing claims in Asia, Nasgo and ShareNode have set their sights on the upcoming US Super Bowl.

Silverstar Live article leads to lawsuit threat from Michael Faust

Serial scammer Michael Faust isn’t too happy about BusinessForHome’s coverage of his latest gig, Silverstar Live. In a response published to BusinessForHome’s article Facebook feed, Faust stated he “can see a lawsuit coming your way Ted.” “Ted” referring to Ted Nuyten, author of the article and owner of BusinessForHome.

MMM Global 2019 Review: The Ponzi scheme that refuses to die

Being one of the most notorious MLM Ponzi schemes to date, MMM Global practically needs no introduction. MMM Global was founded by Sergey Mavrodi and has origins in Russia dating back to 1989. Over the past few years MMM Global has embraced cryptocurrency fraud. In addition to the central scam that collapsed in April 2016, [Continue reading…]