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Trump’s government shutdown stalls Digital Altitude settlements

As it stands the FTC is currently reviewing four settlements in the Digital Altitude case. The closest of the settlement review deadlines is Michael Force on January 2nd. That is by January 2nd, the FTC was scheduled to have made a decision on the agency’s proposed settlement with Force. Unfortunately last month Donald Trump decided [Continue reading…]

Digital Altitude order under submission, Mary Dee settlement reached

Brief updates on the FTC’s Digital Altitude lawsuit; the FTC’s motion for a final order with respect to default judgment against Digital Altitude has been taken under submission Mary Dee and the FTC have reached a yet to be approved settlement the Digital Altitude Receiver has filed his Third Interim Report More details on each [Continue reading…]

Michael Force buckles, Digital Altitude settlement reached with FTC

In a complete backflip from being “not interested” in settling as of October 2nd, Michael Force has reached a settlement with the FTC.

Mary Dee & FTC settlement advances, Michael Force “not interested”

Having failed to negotiate a settlement between themselves, defendant Mary Dee and the FTC have filed a joint settlement conference motion.

Michael Force & Mary Dee cut off from Digital Altitude victim funds

Following some to and fro, the FTC’s request that Michael Force and Mary Dee be cut off from victim funds has been approved.

Mary Dee files expenses opposition, FTC responds to both objections

Mary Dee has filed an opposition to the FTC’s request to modify the Digital Altitude preliminary injunction. The FTC has requested the court cut off Force and Dee from victim-funds, which under the current injunction sees them collecting a monthly living expense.

Force demands continued access to frozen funds, blames lawyers

As of September 7th, Michael Force and Mary Dee have been paid combined living and medical expenses of $42,367 and $48,504 respectively. Citing “significant changed circumstances”, the FTC now want to stop these monthly payments – and Michael Force isn’t too happy about it.

$10.8 mill judgement in Sean Brown Digital Altitude settlement

Following on from news a settlement between Sean Brown and the FTC had been reached back in July, details of the settlement have now been made public.

Digital Altitude discovery contains “glaring omissions and inadequacies”

As of a Status Report filed by the FTC on August 7th, discovery provided by Digital Altitude, Michael Force and Mary Dee is riddled with “glaring omissions and inadequacies.”

Digital Altitude’s attorneys are out, no victim funds for legal fees

Several interesting developments in the FTC’s case against Digital Altitude have arisen over the past few weeks. On July 26th Judge Kronstadt issued several orders regarding the developments, which we’ll dive into below.