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Kairos Technologies’ payment processor issued cease and desist

Amid ongoing delays in paying their affiliates, Kairos Technologies announced the use of SchonPay on February 2nd. Please note that this payment option is functioning in test mode. We recommend you to register in Schonpay system and to create a withdrawal request in the KairosPlanet Cabinet using the SchonpayID. The algorithm for creating these applications [Continue reading…]

Turkish regulator finds Kairos Technologies is a pyramid scheme

Back in July the Turkish Customs and Trade Ministry launched an investigation into Kairos Technologies. The aim of the investigation was to establish whether or not Kairos Technologies was a pyramid scheme. As with most countries, the operation and promotion of pyramid schemes is illegal. In a press-release issued yesterday, the Customs and Trade Ministry announced [Continue reading…]

FMA issues Kairos Technologies shell company warning in Austria

With arrests in Belarus and authorities investigating in Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia, Kairos Technologies is having a hard time keeping its banking channels open. A few days ago the company announced plans to set up a new shell company to continue scamming people through. Since last November Kairos Technologies has been using ESA [Continue reading…]

Kairos Technologies announce shell company, affiliates offered shares

The last few months haven’t been good for Kairos Technologies. Back in September thirty odd leaders of the Ponzi scheme were arrested in Belarus. In November Kairos Technologies had to suspend affiliate withdrawals, following the launch of a criminal investigation in Hungary. Now the cash-strapped scam has announced plans to offer affiliates shares…

Kairos Technologies under investigation in Hungary, suspend withdrawals

The September arrest of several ringleaders in Belarus appears to have caught up with Kairos Technologies, with news today that affiliate withdrawals have been suspended.

Kairos Technologies arrests confirmed by State Control Committee

Following media reports detailing raids and arrests on top Kairos Technologies investors in Belarus, the country’s State Control Committee has issued a statement confirming the news.

Kairos Technologies leaders arrested in Belarus

According to news reports out of Belarus, thirty local Kairos Technologies leaders were arrested yesterday.

Nissan allege Kairos Technologies lied about partnership

One of the tactics Ponzi schemes use to promote themselves is “legitimacy by association”. Legitimacy by association typically sees a Ponzi scheme align itself with a reputable brand. The company and its affiliates then pose the question: “If we were a scam, why would company xxx partner with us?” Kairos Technologies has claimed it has [Continue reading…]

Paysera terminate Kairos Planet processing, warn customers

Over the past month or so Kairos Technologies has been coming up with excuse after excuse regarding non-payment to affiliates. In addition to “technical problems”, “hackers” and “malicious users”, Kairos Planet also lost ePayments as a payment processor last month. ePayments were promptly replaced by Paysera, a small Lithuanian payment processor. Over the last 24 [Continue reading…]

Kairos Technologies not paying affiliates, blames hackers

Looks like someone over at Kairos Technologies recently acquired The Book of Ponzi Excuses 101. Over the last few weeks Kairos Technologies has had trouble paying affiliates. In addition to affiliate accounts randomly not working, last week the Kairos Technologies backoffice went offline. The company also lost ePayments as a processor, which it replaced with Paysera, a [Continue reading…]